After an extended time of teaching and helping other Leaders in their teaching of Martial Arts, I wanted all members in our team- our Martial Arts family- our Masters, Instructors, Black-Belts, Students, and all families involved- to have a name that would both unite and identify us.

Amidst my pondering, it became clear to me what kind of name I was looking for; one that denoted a common denominator, that didn’t require additional explication, nor that it would exclude anyone.

Following that thought, I began to think of something that we all want, regardless of where we find ourselves in life, or whether we are children or adults. Regardless of our experience in our training- whether beginner or advanced, Black Belt or not, Instructor or Master- or even if not training.

I also wanted this name to even include our students’ families and friends (who are not yet training) but form part of our Martial Arts family none-the-less.
This way, they too can derive this sense of identity within our group.

In finding such a name, the question emerged: what is it that we all want in life?
And the emerging answer: “to win”
For some, winning means to win at sports, for others it’s in finances, for others it’s in the growth of a company, for students it’s in good grades followed by graduation, and for a parent it’s raising and supporting a family in different ways.
One way or another, however, we all seek to win in life and the only variation lies in what it means to win for each of us.

IMG_0236This is how the name and the vision of Winners for Life came to be. Winners for life should be a place for everyone to develop and express their innate talents and potential to the max, so we can accomplish what we came here to be and do, which is- to be winners…WINNERS for LIFE.

Master G.Cabrera.